Monday, 29 January 2018

The Art Gallery II

The sequel to the earlier post about the things my two eldest boys draw.

Let's start with more of J's giraffes:

This picture is unusual because of the spotted ball above the giraffes back. I asked J what it was. He said it was a nest with giraffe eggs in it. Zoology is not his strength. Also that is a person next to the giraffe. I guess the pink is the shorts/skirt.

R draws animals too. One day he said to me, "what's your favourite animal? I will draw it."

I said, "hippo."

R said, "I can't draw a hippo."

I said, "elephant."

R said, "that's pretty tricky but I'll try."

Five minutes later he asked me, "what's your favourite colour?

I said, "green."

R said, "I'll make him blue."

Here's my green hippo blue elephant:

Another animal one, here J drew a "pelican":
I'm not sure he's actually seen a pelican after looking at this. However, if you start with the yellow as the beak there is some abstract representation of a pelican there. Maybe.

Christmas! R on the left drew a Christmas tree. J on the right with Santa's sleigh:
Note the red dot on the bottom left of the reindeer - that's where J started Rudolph but got his dimensions wrong.

A double decker bus, by R:
He explained that there are passengers all along the bottom level, but the top is empty chairs.

A rocket house! By J:

Continuing on transport, here are some helicopters. R's is on the left, J's is on the right:

I can't remember who drew it first, but they both elected to give their choppers eyes.

This is another time the boys drew the same thing. Firstly, R with a scarecrow, in the garden:

And now J's scarecrow, surrounded by "pecking birds". Uhh...

Well, I'm sure drawing something like he's the possessed kid in a horror film is only a once off. It's not like he drew a picture of a "GIANT SPIDER EATING A DOG". OH MY GOD THE HUMANITY!
What the fuck, J?

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